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Hytech twin loop on order!!!!! Page 10 8th.

14.10.2005 · has anyone heard of a hy tech twin loop design muffler based on the mugen one.supposedly it is bigger and better but i cant find much info on it. cheers. 25.09.2007 · Does anyone know any web site where you can get an hytech twin loop exhaust system? Last edited: Sep 6, 2007. TegSox Super Duper Moderator. Sep 6, 2007 2 The only place to get a new one is from Hytech themselves.. DC2Integ I ♥ My Integra. Sep 6, 2007 3 i wish i could get a hytech exhaust combo but $850 for just the catback is crazy. konerri New Member.. 24.04.2009 · does hytech offer a twin-loop with a dc5 mugen style tip? He has one standard tip. That doesn't mean he couldn't make one though Just contact him and ask. Die Komplettanlagen sind wahlweise komplett montierbar, oder können auch einzeln nachgerüstet werden. Für noch mehr Leistung empfehlen wir Ihnen unseren Racing Twin-loop Schalldämpfer, der durch seine einzigartige und aufwendige Rohrführung einen ordentlichen Drehmomentzuwachs verspricht. Auch dieser ist kombinierbar wahlweise mit dem. 16.12.2008 · 1900 plus paypal 3.5% and shipping PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR A B SERIES HYTECH TWIN LOOP EXHAUST W/ RENAULT CAT FOR 92-95 HATCHBACK 900 plus shipping.

09.11.2011 · I got a hytech twin loop muffler and custom fit it on my crz with the p2r down pipe and mid pipe sound is amazing and it cost less installed then some bolt on kits. I talked to John from hytech a few times and I'm the only one with it on the crz. I'll post another clip today and I'm dynoing this week. 25.07.2008 · The first point is the quality of the build. The second point is that it's a twin loop, the exhaust is muffled 2x making it quieter. The third point is they use 2.5 inch piping so that the flow rate is not reduced while doing this. 28.04.2009 · Kamikaze 2.5" 4-1 Ceramic Header IS SOLD Up for sale is a Hytech 2.5" Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System w/ Twin Loop Muffler & Hi-Flo Catylic. 30.09.2011 · HyTech is considering developing a NA engine kit for the NSX. We wanted to test the waters and see what the feedback would be from the NSX community before we launched into a big project like this. The kit would consist of a header, exhaust. ECU, cams, valve train, and Induction system. By developing everything under one roof at HyTech. We.

Honda Twin Loop Cat Back Exhaust 1992 to 2000 GSR, ITR, Civic / $850.00 Honda B Sereis Production Headers B16 B18 B20 Big and Small Tube / $799.00 Custom HyTech B Series Anti- Reversion Headers / $1,300.00 Prelude Header Spec I and Spec II / $1,150.00 06 Civic Si Header / $1,300.00 06 Civic Si Twin Loop Cat Back Exhaust / $850.00 TSX Header. 19.06.2008 · I don't think theres a 3inch inlet for any twin loops i've seen. Personally I'm running the Hytech twin loop and it sounds great. Very sleeper and high quality. Sounds mean at WOT. I thought loose HP because of the loop, but I still Dyno'd at DNR with. I am looking to buy a good working T2W4 transmission. It can not have any grinds, and has to shift smooth. If you have one or know a place I can purchase one let me know.

08.02.2008 · Hytech Loop Muffler All Motor RSX.ClubK 24.07.2005 · The JRSC article says that hytech makes an "affordable system." I called John and he says that he doesn't make a 3" exhaust. I'm just curious if most of. 22.06.2008 · hytech's exhaust only comes up to 2.5" because they can't fit 3" on RSX chassis with the twin loop. i've heard a hytech setup and it's pretty damn sweet for sure. I've also run a hytech header paired with a 3" thermal exhaust, also very throaty and mean. It's. 06.02.2008 · Well I finally replaced the DC Sports Single Can muffler with the Hytech loop muffler. At idle she sounds almost as quiet as stock. Stays fairly quiet till about 3500rpm's then starts to growl and then roars after 5500rpms. VERY CIVILIZED ! Very noticible gains from 2K up thru the mid range with no loss up top from the ole butt-dyno! Aids with the drivability around town, cruising around at. 25.01.2012 · I'm in the Monroe, Louisiana area. Looking for the following: H22/H23 No wrecks Unmolested preferred all stock, its just for a daily Add ons are.

My hytech exhaust Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car.

Starting to look for a new set of valves for my A5 i cant spot any on ebay and i cant pick up a set anywhere here, so im looking for a set of valves to help rebuild my top end so i. Here i have Hytech header for sale $800 firm. have hytech custom resonator, 2 piece hytech custom header with bolts, gaskets and the flange. i have pics in my mail box, best way to contact me is to txt me at 571-332-6110 txt me ur email addy and i'll send the pic as soon as possible. i sold my.

20.06.2008 · hytech's exhaust only comes up to 2.5" because they can't fit 3" on RSX chassis with the twin loop. i've heard a hytech setup and it's pretty damn sweet for sure. I've also run a hytech header paired with a 3" thermal exhaust, also very throaty and mean. It's. 27.05.2008 · 2.5" doesn't give you many lieve me, I walked down this road recently. I am still struggling to find a T1R catback for sale. John. 27.05.2008 · I see some articles on the Hytech full header-back exhaust systems, but I don't see anything on the J's Racing. Is anyone on here running the J's Racing header/test pipe/J's racing catback or another catback? I am undecided on which set-up to run. What I was thinking was the J's racing header/test pipe/Hytech twin loop catback. My car will be N. 20.04.2011 · 316whp/240tq NA 2.4L.Hytech Built/ERL sleeved/Benson Re-Bored K24.Hytech Spec Wiseco's 12.5:1, Blueprint I-Beam Pro Rods, ARP EVERYTHING, Hytech Oil Pump/Baffle, Laminova Oil Cooler, Endyn K20 Road Race Head, Blueprint Ported RBC, Hytech CAI, Spoon TB, Hybrid Racing TCT, Hytech Stg II/I In/Ex Cams, Toda Racing Adj. Ex. Cam Gear, SSR 4-1 Header w/ Hytech Collector, Hytech 2.5in Twin Loop.

16.01.2010 · Yes and no, i'm going to buy the resonantor from John to put in my new center piece.He said those are 4" in diameter and 24" overal length.I like to know if he uses the same length in his catback systems as the one he offers me.I like to see a close up of the inside of the resonantor and/or twin loop if it's possible to do that. 16.06.2012 · Does anyone know where I can buy a Hytech Twin-loop muffler or Mugen Twin-loop muffler for the 5th Generation Prelude? Thanks for all your help! If I lived near California I would have John at Hytech fabricate a new twin-loop muffler for me, but unfortunately I live on the east coast.

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